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Rhine River Cruises

Rhine river cruises can be an unusual and stunning holiday experience. The Rhine River starts as a bubbling stream in the Swiss Alps, passing through six countries before joining the North Sea. Running for 766 miles, it is one of Europe’s major rivers. The area around the

Car Hire France

Invaluable Tips on Renting a Car in France While it is true that France has a world class public transport system including an intricate rail network, there is nothing quite like exploring the French countryside at your own pace using a rental car. However, for some visitors

The Best Theme Parks in Europe

If you love the rides fast and the days long then it’s likely that you are a big fan of theme parks. There are always new theme parks being opened with bigger and better rides designed to satisfy those who are seeking a bigger adrenaline rush. I


Read reviews of Europe’s top destinations. Discover the best all inclusive family holidays, the most popular city breaks, ski holidays and the best places to go in the winter months to unwind and soak up some rays. Euro Diary is a travel blog where you will find reviews

Romantic Breaks Ireland

Ireland is the country of scholars and saints popularly known for its ancient history, lush green countryside and Craic (fun) at its local pubs. Experience the romantic breaks Ireland has to offer, from great outdoor fun to boutique hotels in the midst of Ireland’s idyllic sceneries. Anyone

Prepaid Credit Cards for Travel

Sometimes it is hard to decide what is best to use money-wise for travelling. Some people prefer to use cash. Others like to use traveller’s cheques. Many like to simply use their bank credit cards that can just take money right out of their account at any

Singles Holidays

Marital status should not at any time get in the way of touring an exciting city, enjoying life to the full or exploring foreign adventure. Regardless of whether you are newly single or have been long term, taking a holiday alone will give you time to rediscover

Best hotels with water parks in Europe

There is nothing more entertaining on a family holiday with your kids as a water park. Hotels with water parks make a great choice for a family vacation. They offer excitement and entertainment for your kids, while offering security of your children within the hotel premises. The

All inclusive family holidays

Convenience, saving money and of course variety are just some of the benefits of all inclusive family holidays. All inclusives have recently regained popularity and are no longer confined to luxury holidays. If you are planning on a family holiday, an AI is the best gift you

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is absolutely essential when going on holiday anywhere in Europe or indeed the world. Failure to get proper cover could turn your trip into an episode of holiday nightmares! If you are thinking about saving a few quid by not getting any, DON’T. Below we

Travel Scams

Top 10 Travel Scams  There are many travel scams all over Europe that you should be aware of and I have listed below 10 that you should be very careful of: 1/ In many hotels the guests there have found that there have been pizza delivery menus

The Top 10 Travel Apps

Mobile applications have become extremely popular for almost every task. Even travellers have been using numerous mobile apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices to make their trips more convenient. From automated travel itineraries to camera optimization, these mobile apps can guide you to have

Camping in France

Camping in France is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Irish holiday makers who want to experience the splendour of this picturesque and diverse country. Part of the appeal of camping in France is the country’s proximity to the Ireland, where many campsites can be reached within

Ski Holidays

Top Ski Destinations in Europe and What Makes them Tick. Ski holidays are gateways to adventure zones where you can improve your skiing techniques such as the carve turn, jump turn or snowplough turn. You get to relax, rejuvenate your strength and burn up to 3000 calories

City Breaks

TOP 5 EUROPEAN CITY BREAKS City breaks in Europe is a fantastic way to travel if you can’t take months or weeks off from work, and still want to experience as much of culture as possible in a short-period of time. In just a few days, you